At long last, the 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival is here! The Backyard Blues Boys play their biggest venue ever, opening on the First Tech Federal Blues Stage on the 4th of July, at noon. The band has already enjoyed the festival, catching many great sets by some amazing blues groups - including the incomparable Buddy Guy (viewed from backstage). The BBBs have a special set cooked up for our fans - with a few surprises planned for your enjoyment.
As many of our fans are aware, this performance will likely be our last for quite some time. College awaits six of the members who will be strewn across the country at schools in Massachusettes, Louisianna, Michigain, Washington and Oregon. Keep checking the website and facebook pages for updates though - you never know when the band might be able to get together.

If you have never seen the Waterfront Blues Festival (http://www.waterfrontbluesfest.com/), do yourself a favor and carve a few hours out of your busy day and head on down. Admission to the festival is $10 plus a couple cans of food - this is the primary fund raiser for the Oregon Food Bank ( http://www.oregonfoodbank.org), which distributes emergency food to hungry families across the state .  Every dollar donated enables them to distibute about 5 pounds of food. This is one charity where your donated dollar really stretches a long way.
12/21/2011 09:31:43 pm

I was participated in the 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival. Enjoyed the performance of The Backyard Blues Boys.


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