All six members of the band are currently in the midst of their second semesters of college. Lucas Biespiel, Garren Epley, Wade Hilts, Louie Leager, Jason Morrison and Reuben Unrau attend Berklee College of Music, Portland State University, Tulane University, Michigan State University, Whitman College and University of Oregon, respectively. Samantha Hooper, the lone female member of the band, is finishing up her Senior year at Grant High School.

    The group made their first appearance since separating for college on December 23, 2011 at Mississippi Pizza in Portland, Oregon. The show was great and fan support was stellar. The show featured several guest performances from Mcebo Maziya (Whitman College) and Jillian Looney (Cleveland High School).

    As the boys continue their studies of music at their respective schools, they are also looking towards the future. Next for the group will be a lineup of gigs (to be released soon) for the summer of 2012. There has also been talk about the possible release of a new album this summer...

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